Greetings :

First, I wish to thank you for your interest in MONITOR and/or TOYOTOMI Direct Vented Heating Systems and for visiting our Web site.

I hope the information we have provided on www.WarmthForLess.com may have peaked your interest. I sincerely hope you have had a chance to read and review it all. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to give me a call. Before you take the time to read my letter, please understand that I wish to express exactly how I feel on this issue--and I'll be direct and to the point.

Over the years, we've talked with many home and business owners. We've listened to their complaints about the high heating costs they have endured. I wish you could have heard their cries and the terrible stories they tell. I have personally been in thousands of homes and have seen, first hand, what the average homeowner and many businesses go through trying to stay warm and what heating costs they endure. It is unbelievable! Sadly, many remain chilled and not comfortably warm! I was amazed to find out what people are doing to conserve heat (and money). Some of the things I observed included:

  • Folks not enjoying their homes because they had to live in only one or two of their rooms during the winter months to save and conserve. This is the time of year that we should be enjoying our homes!
  • Some wearing sweaters and bundling themselves with blankets during the daylight hours to keep warm--in their own homes!
  • Temperatures being lowered to 62-64 degrees (and sometimes less) in order to live within their budget.
  • Many burning wood or coal, smelling and dirtying up their house. The potential hazards involved with this form of heating are a great concern.

And, after all these efforts, these people are still faced with ridiculously high heating bills and they are NOT warm! Do you see yourself here?

Many homeowners have shown me their energy bills. On the average, they spend a fortune per month during those cold months for heat. And, in many cases, they said they were still cold. How can any of us afford such ridiculous heating costs? It's unbelievable! 95% of our customers who own a MONITOR or Laser/Toyostove Direct Vented Heating System are using 200 to 500 gallons PER YEAR for heat!

  • 1000-1400 Square feet average approximately 200 gallons for the year
  • 1400-1800 Square feet average approximately 400 gallons for the year
  • 1800-2400 Square feet average approximately 500 gallons for the year

When the weather turns bad again this winter, nasty and cold, with the wind blowing, the snow piling, and freezing rain falling, I promise you that you'll think of my company, Warmth For Less. You and your family should be enjoying all the comforts of a warm cozy home this winter. With a MONITOR or LASER/TOYOSTOVE Direct Vented Heating System you can experience and enjoy the type of warm comfort and pleasure that you deserve. Plus, you'll increase the value of your property and put money in the bank. You can't lose...just ask your northern neighbors throughout New England, Alaska, and other chilling states about MONITOR or LASER/TOYOSTOVE Direct Vented Heating systems.

Better yet--ask us. My company, Warmth For Less, has the distinction of being #1 in gas sales for 1999 through 2004. We are the #1 Authorized MONITOR Dealer in gas Sales and Service and Connecticut's only Authorized Toyotomi Distributor because:

  • We provide a complete installation package, K-1 fuel storage tank and accessories including in home preventative maintenance service.
  • We provide Free consultation, and we are fully insured.
  • We are CT state licensed. License number B1 386-483.
  • We have a large Monitor and Toyostove parts and product inventory.
  • We have information about low interest energy programs to share with you.
  • We offer 5 - 10 years payback (if qualified).(CT only)
  • We are always there for you. Our phones are open 7 days a week from 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m.
  • Most importantly...we believe in our products.

Call us for Details.

I would like to help you by showing you how to heat your home affordably and economically during the long winter months. You can do this. You can be warm and comfortable and keep the savings in energy costs in your pocket--where it belongs (rather than in the pockets of your local utility company). I know I can help and can prove what I am claiming! I'll be waiting for your decision. Hoping to hear from you in the near future,

With Warmest Regards,

Robert Jobin